C64 Startup Screensaver C64 Startup Screensaver v1.00b2

The C64 Startup Screensaver will simulate the blue boot screen of your good old C64! The blinking cursor is also simulated, making it look exactly like the original. Retro stuff that the old C64 people with a PC cannot live without!

C64 Startup Screensaver is Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible. This is a beta, please let us know how it works. Please include the name of your operating system in the report.

More info

Read more in the online manual and FAQ.


Little Computer People - The screensaver was developed at LCP 2003.
Active - The Girls #1 - Upholding the C64 position at LCP.
Contiki - Internet-enabled desktop operating system for the C64.


Download the C64 Startup Screensaver here.

C64 screen saver on a PC monitor

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