Please support us

If you have been in contact with me from the first release of ConnectBuddy you may have noticed that I have been spending numerous months developing, supporting and marketing this product. The result is a completely free, robust and effective application.

My aim is to keep ConnectBuddy free for everyone, but developing, supporting and hosting this product is unfortunately far from free. The number of downloads are growing dramatically which increase my web hosting expense and generates burdensome support.

Please download my software, use it as much as you want, and if you like it and have a few bucks going spare, please come back and make a donation. Your rewarding gift will be used only to cover the costs of ConnectBuddy hosting and development, and it is of course voluntarily. Please make a donation with the PayPal link below.


Thank you very much!

If you like our software but feel that you cannot make a donation you can still support me:

  • Please spread the word about ConnectBuddy. Send an email to your friends and tell them about the software.
  • Please add a link to ConnectBuddy on your web site.


Download ConnectBuddy from one of the mirror sites. It does not matter which you choose. If one of them does not work, please try another one. [mirror 1] [mirror 2].

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