Response to "WeatherBug incorrectly listed"

Hello Jason,

Thank you for your email "WeatherBug incorrectly listed" and for letting me know about Weatherbug 6's decision to stop using pop-up and pop-under windows. I do think the WeatherBug users are happy about that.

As I understand it, based on previous correspondence with AWS representatives, a setting on the WeatherBug server controls the number of pop-ups opened by the WeatherBug client. Just out of curiosity, when did AWS change this server setting? Is this change permanent, or will WeatherBug return to pop-up advertising? Skimming through the EULA shown when installing WeatherBug Free 6.04 it does not say a word about WeatherBug Free stopped using pop-ups. Actually, pop-ups are only mentioned when describing what you will not get when using WeatherBug Plus: "11. WEATHERBUG PLUS subscription services (terms and conditions below) are free of banner, wrap, and pop up advertisements and include enhanced and customizable features that the advertising-based version does not include."

Are there any plans to add a statement in the EULA that WeatherBug does not open pop-up windows? I intend to revise the pop-up paragraph of my WeatherBug write-up based on this email correspondence.

Regarding bundling, my write-up states, "WeatherBug have bundled MySearch Bar". I assume that this is one of the statements that you refer to as incorrect? However, I cannot see why this statement is false. According to material published on, My Search has been advertised and offered in association with WeatherBug. Information has also been provided how to uninstall the My Search Bar:

"WeatherBug does none of these things. We do not advertise any product that we know to be spyware, and we require any software that is offered with WeatherBug, including the My Search toolbar, to also be spyware-free." Source

"Make sure the box next to My Search Toolbar is checked when you receive the Confirm Installation Components screen during the download process." Source

"How do I uninstall My Search? Click START (lower, left of computer screen) Select SETTINGS and CONTROL PANEL Double click ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS Select "My Search" from the list of applications" Source

Furthermore, additional resources on the web, such as clearly shows that MySearch has been bundled with WeatherBug.

Best regards
Roger Karlsson

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