I'm looking for your help

Thank you for taking time reading this request for help. This web site, Kephyr.com, was launched early 2003, and has since the beginning offered only freeware products, such as Bazooka. One of my goals since the launch of Kephyr.com is to show up as #1 when searching for 'Kephyr' or 'Bazooka' at Google.com and this goal was achieved in 2004, which I was very happy about. Other web pages, such as my write-ups about spyware, adware and other potentially unwanted software, were also showing up, not at the top position but reasonably high in the Google rankings.

In mid October something changed and at the time of writing (23:rd of October 2004) searches for bazooka and kephyr appears between the eighth and 29th position [1] [2].

If you own a web site, have a home page, write blogs or participate in forum discussions it would be much-appreciated help if you could add a link to the Kephyr web site, perhaps to

http://www.kephyr.com/ or

or any of the web pages at Kephyr.com that you think is relevant. Incoming links to a web page push it upwards in the rankings, so by adding a link to Kephyr.com you will help me to re-establish the high ranking that this site once had. To allow me to give your support of the Kephyr web site the proper attention, please send an email if you added a link to this web site.

Thank you very much for you time!

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