Bazooka RSS & CDF - Introduction and usage guidelines

Please subscribe to the free "Bazooka latest detection feeds", listing the adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted applications that recently have been updated or added to Bazooka's detection database.

Subscribe to the Bazooka RSS - For RSS readers [RSS readers]
Subscribe to the Bazooka CDF - For Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher [IE 4.0+]

You can subscribe to the RSS feed, if you have a RSS reader, such as Mozilla Firefox (free) or FeedDemon.

Users of Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, please subscribe to the Bazooka channel file, which offers the same information as the RSS.

Usage guidelines

The feeds contains an overview for each of the latest potentially unwanted software components that Bazooka detects. If you own a web site, feel free to publish these overviews on your site. All we require is that you link back to the complete write-up for each of the overviews you publish on your site. You can find the links pointing back to inside the RSS feed, defined by the <link></link> tags.

The RSS is rebuilt at least once a day and validates RSS 2.0.

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