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"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

Here you can experience Kephyr Labs web services or software, available for download at the earliest stages of development. All products are as usual free. Enjoy!

Koffix Blocker - Blocks web sites that run exploits, hosts trojans or viruses, change browser settings without the user's consent, etc. A beta version is available for download.

Free photos Free Photo Gallery - Free photos for your web site.

Search Deskbar Kephyr Search Deskbar - Tiny textfield toolbar floating on your desktop, designed to make fast searches.

XML Validator XML Validator - Check that you XML documents are well-formed and valid.

Web Calculator Web Calculator - Evaluate your mathematical expression with the online calculator!

PopUp Killer Test PopUp Killer Test - Test your pop-up stopper here!

Free Online Spell Checker icon Spell Checker - Check the spelling of your document!

Whois Lookup Icon Whois Web Service - Free - Find the owner of a domain name.

C64 Startup Screensaver from Kephyr C64 Screensaver - Free - Mad retro C64 stuff! Simulate the good ol' C64 startup screen on your PC. The blinking cursor makes it look exactly like the original.

Free Poll Kit - Free poll service that makes is easy to place polls on your web site asking your users about their opinions.

Find IP Address - Simple service that displays your ip address.

MicroBuzz.net - A Microblog search engine. Find tweets on Twitter, YouAre, Plurk, Bloggy, Jaiku, etc.

Statsskuld.com - Displays Sweden's national debt.

ADOLIST.com - Create your to-do lists.

Vecka.info - Shows the current week. "vecka" is week in swedish.

MobileBook - Create documents for any Java enabled device, such as mobile phones.


Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner
The File Database
SystemSherlock Lite

Read more about FreeFixer, Kephyr's latest spyware removal tool.
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