The NewDotNet software provides two functions, where the first allows you to access non-standard domains such as .shop, .med, .mp3. To make this possible the NewDotNet software install a Layered Service Provider on your computer to query NewDotNet's DNS server when converting a NewDotNet domain to an IP address. NewDotNet sells these non-standard domains. The second function is to provide search results or a navigational page when an end-user enters keywords in the address browser address bar or attempts to resolve a mistaken or non-existing URL.

NewDotNet software is not classified as spyware or adware.


Bundled software



If you have any of the files related to NewDotNet on your system, please send them for additional analysis. Generally, I have only analysed a few versions for each software component listed at this web site. With your help I will be able to look at both old and more recent versions of the NewDotNet software. Thank you very much for your time!

Privacy Policy

NewDotNet Privacy Policy


Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner does not detect NewDotNet.

Uninstall procedure

Notice that you will not be able to access non-standard domain such as .shop, .med, .mp3 if you decide to uninstall NewDotNet. The vendor's uninstall instructions is available here.

Note that incorrect removal of NewDotNet may result in losing your network connection. Do not remove NewDotNet manually. If you encounter problems with the software or need help while uninstalling, please contact NewDotNet's tech support at

Contact information for NewDotNet's vendor

In order to provide correct, accurate and updated information about NewDotNet I encourage the vendor to contact me if any part of this write-up needs a revision.

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