Support statement for Bazooka and the Online Encyclopedia

Please read the complete statment.

Let me first thank all of you for visiting Bazooka's Online Encyclopedia and using Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner. When I first launched this site and released Bazooka, the users were relatively few and I could easily handle the two or three emails that dropped in during a week and continue to develop and offer the software and the encyclopedia information for free.

Today the situation has changed. Bazooka is fortunately still freeware and the online encyclopedia there for everyone thanks to all your generous donations. The major change is that number of support requests has grown dramatically up to around 50 emails each day. I have come to a point where most of my time working with this non-profit project ends up in support-related activities, instead of developing Bazooka and investigating the never-ending torrent of new spyware and adware. I have to prioritise, and priority will be given to the development of Bazooka and analysis of new spyware and adware.

Don't misunderstand me; I would love to have your feedback and your reports of new unwanted applications. I will of course read all emails. What I'm saying is that I cannot promise to answer all emails. I'm hoping for your understanding.

If you are running into problems uninstalling the potentially unwanted applications that Bazooka detects, please read my advice.

If you are asking for help uninstalling an unwanted applications and the advice did not help, please include the Bazooka log in your email and the name of the unwanted applications that cause problems.

For other inquires, not related to uninstall problems, click here.

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