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The Web Calculator by Kephyr Labs can calculate simple aritmetic math but also more complicated math such as roots, logarithms, sine and cosine.


Function        DescriptionExample       
abs(n)Returns the absolute value of n.abs(-1)
acos(n)Returns the arc cosine of n in radians.acos(0)
acosh(n)Returns the inverse hyperbolic cosine of nacosh(1)
asin(n)Returns the arc sine of n in radians.asin(0.1)
asinh(n)Returns the inverse hyperbolic sine of nasinh(0)
atan2(x, y)calculates the arc tangent of the two variables x and y.atan2(1,1)
atan(n)Returns the arc tangent of i in radians.atan(1)
atanh(n)Returns the inverse hyperbolic tangent of natanh(0)
bindec(string)Returns the decimal equivalent of the binary number represented by the string argument.bindec(101)
ceil(n)Returns the next highest integer value by rounding up value if necessary.ceil(1.49)
cos(n)Returns the cosine of the n parameter.cos(0)
cosh(n)Returns the hyperbolic cosine of the n parameter.cosh(0)
decbin(n)Returns a string containing a binary representation of the given n> argument.decbin(12)
dechex(n)Returns a string containing a hexadecimal representation of the given n argument.dechex(47)
decoct(n)Returns a string containing an octal representation of the given n argument.decoct(15)
deg2rad(n)This function converts n from degrees to the radian equivalent.deg2rad(45)
exp(n)Returns the base of the natural system of logarithms raised to the power of n.exp(1)
floor(n)Returns the next lowest integer value by rounding down value if necessary.floor(1.99)
fmod(x, y)Returns the floating point remainder of dividing the dividend x by the divisor yfmod(5.5, 0.6)
hypot(x, y)Returns sqrt(x*x + y*y)hypot(3,4)
log10(n)Returns the base-10 logarithm of nlog10(100)
log (n, [base])If the optional base parameter is specified, log() returns logbase n, otherwise log() returns the natural logarithm of n.log(8,2)
max(n1, n2)Returns the numerically highest of the parameter values.max(1,2,3)
min(n1, n2)Returns the numerically lowest of the parameter values.min(1,2,3)
octdec(string)Returns the decimal equivalent of the octal number represented by the string argument.octdec(7071)
pi()Returns the pi valuepi()
pow(n, e)Returns n raised to the power of e.pi(100,2)
rad2deg(n)Converts n from radian to degrees.rad2deg(pi())
sin(n)Returns the sine of the radian n parametersin(pi()/2)
sinh(n)Returns the hyperbolic sine of n.sinh(0)
sqrt(n)Returns the square root of n.sqrt(9)
tan(n)Returns the tangent of n.tan(0)
tanh(n)Returns the hyperbolic tangent of n.tanh(0)

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