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InternetWasher is a commercial application that removes usage tracks from web browsers and various other applications. A 'trial' Internet Washer Pro seems to have been widely stealth-installed from March 2003. This also installs other third-party software, including the Httper and ZipClix parasites. InternetWasher is distributed by ActiveX drive-by-download on pop-up adverts. Aggressive - refusing the download generates another download prompt. InternetWasher can silently download and execute arbitrary code from its controlling server, as a self-update feature. This has also been used to install other parasites. Source

Here is a user review from Alexa: "was late to end free trial. They wanted 79.95 after I wrote I wasn't interested. twice I waiting for 3. I told them I would take action if they held me to buy the Washer, I don't want it even after they give it tome. and charge me. now "



Privacy policy

No privacy policy is available, but there is an EULA. This states that InternetWasher Pro installs ZipClix and Httper.


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Uninstall procedure

Uninstall InternetWasher Pro from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows® Control Panel. You can also remove it manually.

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