ABetterInternet.3p_1n has been installed with little notice at aimface.com.

The vendor's description: "Utility for downloading files and upgrading software. Visit www.abetterinternet.com for more info.".

ABetterInternet.3p_1n is also called Win32:Ad-Agent, Trojan.BettInet.A, Trojan.Downloader.Beti, W32/Betterinternet.fam-tr, AdWare.BetterInternet, .Betterint, W32/BetterInternet.A and Adware.BHO.CallingHome.





If you have any of the files related to ABetterInternet.3p_1n on your system, please send them for additional analysis. Generally, I have only analysed a few versions for each software component listed at this web site. With your help I will be able to look at both old and more recent versions of the ABetterInternet.3p_1n software. Thank you very much for your time!


abetterinternet.com whois


ABetterInternet  ABetterInternet.3p_1n  ABetterInternet.B  ABetterInternet.C  ABetterInternet.D  ABetterInternet.E  ABetterInternet.F  ABetterInternet.susp 


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Uninstall procedure

Uninstall ABetterInternet.3p_1n from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows® Control Panel.

Which statement does best describe your experience with ABetterInternet.3p_1n's "Add/Remove Programs" uninstaller?

Manual removal

Please follow the instructions below if you would like to remove ABetterInternet.3p_1n manually. Please notice that you must follow the instructions very carefully and delete everything that is mentioned. In most cases the removal will fail if one single item is not deleted. If ABetterInternet.3p_1n remains on your system after stepping through the removal instructions, please double-check by stepping through them again.

  1. Start your computer in safe mode.
  2. Start Windows Explorer and delete:
    Note: %WinDir% is a variable (?). By default, this is C:\Windows (Windows 95/98/Me/XP) or C:\WINNT (Windows NT/2000).

Problems uninstalling? Click here.

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Contact information for ABetterInternet.3p_1n's vendor

In order to provide correct, accurate and updated information about ABetterInternet.3p_1n I encourage the vendor to contact me if any part of this write-up needs a revision.

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