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Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 is a variant of Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 is a variant of Mirar Toolbar. Mirar Toolbar.winnb51, also called GetMirar, is an Internet Explorer toolbar that shows related links and some versions bundle the SaveNow and SearchBar software products of WhenU.com. Lavasoft offers more information about Mirar Toolbar.

It appears that Mirar Toolbar.winnb51's installer failed during my testing. The toolbar did not show up in Internet Explorer, but the main .dll file was saved in %SystemDir% and registered as a Browser Helper Object and toolbar in the Windows registry. Repeated attempts to reinstall Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 failed.

Note: %SystemDir% is a variable (?). By default, this is C:\Windows\System (Windows 95/98/Me), C:\WINNT\System32 (Windows NT/2000), or C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP).

From the vendor: "Mirar's related page functionality makes finding similar pages of interest as simple as a click of the mouse, there is no need to do additional searches as Mirar gathers the results for you in realtime."

"When you surf the Internet using Internet Explorer, the Software will use your Internet connection to contact NetNucleus to attempt to find pages related to the current page being viewed. Information about and links to the related pages (including search results and sponsored listings) will be displayed in the Mirar Toolbar. By choosing to download the Software and in consideration of the foregoing license from NetNucleus to you, you grant to NetNucleus the right to use your web surfing performance metrics, in whole or in part, in any non-personally-identifiable form or format. You are also accepting that NetNucleus may also deliver to you relevant contextual advertising in the form of advertisements based on URLs and/or search terms you enter when navigating the Internet. The technology used to do this automatically and anonymously identifies related pages based on the user's computer usage, and the URLs associated with the Web pages viewed. Although the Software does not intentionally provide informational messages and links relating to competitors' websites, from time to time, informational messages and links to related pages may be delivered to the Mirar Toolbar on behalf of those who are competitors of the Web pages users may be viewing, or may have recently viewed. Related pages are displayed by the Software through an automated mechanism and as such may not always match the content being displayed. NetNucleus provides these results on a best effort basis and is not responsible for mis categorizations of content. In the event that you find a mis categorization, you may notify us in writing and we may amend the listing. Due to the subjectiveness of categorization, we are not obligated to amend any listing that is brought to our attention in this manner." Source




WinNB51.dll, WinDmy.dll

If you have any of the files related to Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 on your system, please send them for additional analysis. Generally, I have only analysed a few versions for each software component listed at this web site. With your help I will be able to look at both old and more recent versions of the Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 software. Thank you very much for your time!

Log references

Log 310


www.getmirar.com whois


Mirar Toolbar.A  Mirar Toolbar.B  Mirar Toolbar.winnb40  Mirar Toolbar.winnb41  Mirar Toolbar.winnb42  Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 

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Uninstall procedure

Uninstall Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows® Control Panel. The vendor is also offering an uninstaller at remove.getmirar.com.

Which statement does best describe your experience with Mirar Toolbar.winnb51's "Add/Remove Programs" uninstaller?

Uninstall Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 with FreeFixer

I'm working on a general purpose tool for removing unwanted software. The tool is called FreeFixer and can help you remove unwanted Browser Helper Objects, Internet Explorer toolbars and software that starts automatically when you reboot your computer, so it can offer some assistance while uninstalling Mirar Toolbar.winnb51. The manual removal instructions listed below will help you to identify what to delete with FreeFixer.

Read more about FreeFixer.

Manual removal

Please follow the instructions below if you would like to remove Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 manually. Please notice that you must follow the instructions very carefully and delete everything that is mentioned. In most cases the removal will fail if one single item is not deleted. If Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 remains on your system after stepping through the removal instructions, please double-check by stepping through them again.

  1. Start the registry editor. This is done by clicking Start then Run. (The Run dialog will appear.) Type regedit and click OK. (The registry editor will open.)
  2. Delete 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ CLSID \ {9A9C9B69-F908-4AAB-8D0C-10EA8997F37E}', if it exists.
  3. Delete 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ CLSID \ {9A9C9B68-F908-4AAB-8D0C-10EA8997F37E}', if it exists.
  4. Delete 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Browser Helper Objects \ {9A9C9B69-F908-4AAB-8D0C-10EA8997F37E}', if it exists.
  5. Browse to the key:
    'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Toolbar'
  6. In the right pane, delete the value called {9A9C9B68-F908-4AAB-8D0C-10EA8997F37E}, if it exists.
  7. Exit the registry editor.
  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Start Windows Explorer and delete:
    Note: %SystemDir% is a variable (?). By default, this is C:\Windows\System (Windows 95/98/Me), C:\WINNT\System32 (Windows NT/2000), or C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP).
  10. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  11. In Internet Explorer, click Tools -> Internet Options.
  12. Click the Programs tab -> Reset Web Settings.

Problems uninstalling? Click here.

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Contact information for Mirar Toolbar.winnb51's vendor

In order to provide correct, accurate and updated information about Mirar Toolbar.winnb51 I encourage the vendor to contact me if any part of this write-up needs a revision.

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